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We’ll keep alive the love for traditional books in a modern way.


We launch our children´s book series “Pauli&Friends” via Kickstarter on the 14th of September 2017.

For those who do not know Kickstarter we recommend reading this.

In short, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where customers can buy a product prior to its production. We see Kickstarter as a great vehicle to spread the word globally. Essentially it helps us to ‚kickstart‘ our project. More technically Kickstarter also comes with the advantage that we can much better assess our production quantity and do not require external funding to finance our production.

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Computers, mobile phones or tablets have a magical appeal to children. Even the youngest children are thrilled when given a mobile phone to play with. They can tap away like the big ones! And they’ve quickly realized that with a tablet you can call Grandma and take pictures, making it a coveted toy. A recent study shows that every tenth three-year-old already uses the Internet. And more and more apps and smartphone games created are aimed specifically at children under three. Even though this may be frightening for many parents, development psychologist Professor Dr. Malte Mienert is of the opinion that „children learn how to deal with the digital world only if they are allowed to deal with new media. Parents should allow that and trust them.“ Katia Saalfrank, the social pedagogue, agrees: „Children learn only through experience. The task for us parents is to always keep in touch with the children and to accompany them.“

The Discovery Books GmbH team is developing a series of children’s books with a number of different discoveries. On the one hand, the scenery in the book can be changed by using thermal sensitive printing ink and heat. This allows Pauli, the main character of the first book series, to ultimately gain new friends in what initially appears as a precarious scene. To discover the world with curiosity and without fear of new things – this is the core message of this book series.

In a further discovery stage, parents can use a specially developed app to bring the characters of the books to life for their children. With Augmented Reality, the images become three-dimensional and special effects can be triggered by simple and child-friendly controls. Augmented Reality is a computer-based technology that enhances the human perception of reality. As soon as the camera of any mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) is directed at one of the book pages, the device recognizes the „hotspots“ and triggers multimedia content, such as moving 3D views, noises and other features. This rounds out the book’s holistic and future-oriented concept.

Storytelling is a valuable asset that promotes not only concentration, but also vocabulary and language skills. Children are naturally curious and love stories, which is why the new book series offers an additional fun-function. The free app allows you to record and play back your own voice content for each book page. Be it grandma’s good-night story or Papa’s interpretation of Pauli’s adventures – there is no limit to creativity.


Discovery Books GmbH was founded in Graz early March 2017 by three business partners. The range of services includes the development and distribution of interactive children’s books. The planned book series „Pauli & Friends“ is the first of several series to be designed and developed according to the multi discovery-level concept. This concept offers educational products that build on children’s natural urge to discover. They enable interaction between parents and children, allowing them to share the fascination of books and their stories. The desire to read and discover can and should be stimulated and encouraged in even the youngest children.


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